Suar Wood Dining Table

suar wood dining table

The curve of the Minimalist Dining Table is so exotic because this groove is a natural form of a tree, Deliberately left as is to preserve the value of its antique art. No wonder if this Trembesi table became very popular and became a best seller product. It is important to inform that a natural table will be different from one table to another because it follows the natural base of the tree.

Finishing Dining Table Suar Wood

Finishing material of this solid trembesi dining table using PU / POLYURETHANE Material. PU materials we use especially for solid trembesi table with thickness of 10 cm wood. PU or Polyurethane produces a very strong wood surface, durable & resistant to temperature changes

Rare Table

The availability of large timber is increasingly depleted as the demand for large tables is very high in the market, so the price of the Solid Table becomes very volatile, We recommend buying now this large table and when else you will have this Trembesi Desk at an affordable price.

How To Get A Set Of Dining Table Suar Wood ?

How to get the Trembesi Dining Set or suar wood furniture?  If you are interested to have this Jepara Furniture Product With How to pay Downpayment or downpayment 50% of the total purchase price of goods + postage, payment 50% downpayment maximum 3 days after the deal (Must include proof of transfer) as a sign so, The process of making goods from the beginning of the process to finishing so we will always update the status to you. Full report, detail photo of the order will be sent when the goods are ready to be shipped.

50% payment shortage must be paid a maximum of 3 days after the notification of finished goods to you. so you can monitor that your order is actually produced. The production process of Solid Wood Dining Set Set takes approximately 2 weeks. After the finished goods the remaining 50% is paid back and the goods are ready to be shipped.

Delivery of a trembesi dinner table set

Shipping Solid Wood Dining Set Set is done with local Jepara expedition (6 wheeled truck), we are ready to send wherever your city is located. And also if you are from outside Indonesia (FRANCE, CHINA, UAE, USA, UK) we will send through emkl container 40 HC In this delivery we carry the product packing system with thick and sure packing paper for the product set your trembesi dinner table want.


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