suar wood dining table

Suar Wood Furniture

Set Suar Wood Furniture Dining Table – Indeed a rare impressed product to have in every home, Set Solid Wood Dining Table is in addition to the relatively expensive price is also difficult in the material. Why is that? Because Jepara Furniture product of this one have unique uniqueness, that is using wood intact (log) with other word without connection at thickness average 8 cm – 10 cm, maybe equal to the price which relative is not expensive price of wooden table trembesi

Solid Wood Dining Table is much enjoyed by foreign markets (foreign countries) such as America, Europe and also Saudi Arabia tetunya. Because this kind of Jepara Furniture indonesian product is a class of luxury goods out there. whose price can exceed the selling value of gold in our country. In addition to the betuknya look sturdy, this product is also enough to highlight the aesthetic side. With a natural flow stroke, paired with finishing that impressed luxury set of solid wood dining table.

No wonder if many requests for the jepara region alone though with fantastic prices for per unit. The average set of solid wood dining table uses wood trembesi and log meh wood. so that the results do not disappoint, we use wood choice. through the process of sorting by our Quality control before entering the production process. solid trembesi table

suar wood dining tableHow to Get a Suar Wood Dining Set

How to get Suar Wood furniture Table Set If you are interested to have this Jepara Furniture Product With How to pay Downpayment or downpayment 50% from total purchase value of goods + postage, 50% downpayment payment up to 3 days after agreement (Must include proof of transfer ) as a sign so, The process of making the goods from the beginning of the process to finishing so we will always update the status to you. Full report, detail photo of the order will be sent when the goods are ready to be shipped.

50% payment shortage must be paid a maximum of 3 days after the notification of finished goods to you. so you can monitor that your order is actually manufactured. The production process of the Solid Wood Dining Set Set takes approximately 2 weeks. After the finished goods the remaining 50% is paid back and the goods are ready to be shipped.

Shipping Suar Wood Furniture

Shipping Solid Wood Dining Set Set is done with local Jepara expedition (6 wheeled truck), we are ready to send wherever your city is located. And also if you are from outside Indonesia (FRANCE, CHINA, UAE, USA, UK) we will send through emkl container 40 HC In this delivery we implement a product packing system with thick and sure packing paper for Solid Timber Dining Set Set you want.

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